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Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass: A Comprehensive Australian Guide

Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass: A Comprehensive Australian Guide

Soft leaf buffalo grass is a superior choice for homeowners and landscaping contractors alike, due to its resilience and aesthetic appeal. This versatile turf variety offers several benefits including high shade tolerance, low maintenance requirements, and an attractive appearance.

Today, we’ll delve into the advantages of soft leaf buffalo grass ranging from its deeply rooted structure to how it responds under different conditions. We’ll also discuss various buffalo varieties such as Sir Walter Buffalo Turf that are available to buy online today.

We’ll teach you some practical tips on installing your new lawn correctly so it thrives right from the start. And we’ll give you some guidance on maintaining your established buffalo lawn with suitable pesticides against broad leaf weeds without harming your lush green carpet.

Finally, we’ll guide you on where to purchase quality soft leaf buffalo grass – whether online or directly via our sales support team.

Benefits of Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

If you’re after the perfect turf, soft leaf buffalo grass is the way to go. It’s tough, versatile, and oh-so-pretty.

Durable and Versatile

This grass can handle heavy foot traffic like a champ. It’s perfect for playgrounds and sports fields. Plus, it thrives in any climate or soil type, so you can use it anywhere in Australia.

What does Buffalo Grass look like?

Aesthetically Pleasing

Get ready for some serious lawn envy. Soft leaf buffalo grass is lush and green, making your landscape design pop.

And the best part? Its dense growth keeps those pesky weeds at bay, so you can spend less time pulling and more time enjoying.


No need to worry about sneezing fits. Soft leaf buffalo grass is bred to be low allergenic, so it won’t send sensitive individuals running for the tissues. Breathe easy and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

So, if you want a lawn that can handle anything, looks amazing, and won’t make you sneeze, check out soft leaf buffalo grass from Atlas Turf Supplies. It’s the grass of your dreams.

Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Varieties

If you’re after a new lawn, we suggest that you consider a soft leaf buffalo grass.

It’s tough and good-looking, loved by homeowners and landscapers alike.

At Atlas Turf Supplies, we offer a range of soft leaf buffalo grass varieties, each with its own unique qualities:

Choosing the right variety depends on your needs, like sun exposure and foot traffic. Our team at Atlas Turf can help you find the perfect fit for your property.

Cultivated Turfs: Quality Guaranteed

All our turfs meet Australian standards, so you can trust that you’re getting top-notch products. With decades of experience, we are proud to offer quality turfs that meet Australian standards.

How to grow buffalo grass

Where to Buy Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

If you’re after top-notch soft leaf buffalo grass, look no further than Atlas Turf Supplies. We’ve been Sydney’s go-to supplier of cultivated turf and sporting grass surfaces since 1975.

At Atlas Turf Supplies, we offer a wide range of soft leaf buffalo grass varieties that are sure to meet your needs, whether it’s for your home lawn or a larger commercial project.

The Easy Buying Process

Buying turf from us is a breeze. Here’s how:

  • Determine Your Needs: We’ll help you figure out what you need based on factors like sunlight exposure, soil type, and usage frequency.
  • Select Your Variety: Choose from our wide array of soft leaf buffalo grass types tailored to different conditions and preferences.
  • Place Your Order: Once you’ve made your decision, you can place your order online or over the phone. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you make the right choice.

Pick Up or Delivery?

When you buy from us, you have two convenient options: you can either pick up your turf directly from our Sydney turf farm or take advantage of our pallet free, delivery service.

We offer flexible scheduling options to make getting your high-quality soft leaf buffalo grass a breeze.

A Trusted Supplier

Selecting the correct type of buffalo grass can be overwhelming, but no need to worry.

Our knowledgeable, experienced team is always ready to provide expert advice. You can trust us to help you make the right decision, just like many others have before, that have chosen Atlas Turf Supplies for quality, friendly service, and affordability.

What does buffalo grass look like

Installation Tips

If you’re planning to install soft leaf buffalo grass in your yard, follow these steps for a lawn that will make your neighbours green with envy.

Preparing Your Soil

First, get your soil in shape. Get rid of any pesky grass or weeds, then give the ground a good tilling. Adding some organic matter like compost will give your soil a boost. For the best start a good Turf underlay on top will help with drainage, levelling and fertilising before laying your turf.

Laying The Turf

Now it’s time to lay down your soft leaf buffalo turf from Atlas Turf Supplies. Start with a straight row along a driveway or fence line, then stagger the rest so the seams don’t line up. Make sure the rolls are butted up close together, so they don’t dry out in between.

Watering And Care After Installation

After installation, give your turf a good drink until it’s soaked through to the dirt below. Keep it moist for a couple of weeks to help those roots settle in.

Expert Tip:

  • Avoid walking on the fresh turf during the establishment period. It needs some peace and quiet.
  • If it’s scorching outside, water at least twice a day to keep your turf from turning into a crispy critter. It is ok to water in the middle of the day especially if your turf is drying out too much.

Remember: a little TLC at the beginning means a beautiful lawn in the long run.

Mowing Buffalo grass

Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your soft leaf buffalo grass is crucial to keep it looking lush and green all year round. The good news is this turf requires minimal upkeep compared to other varieties.

Watering Your Buffalo Grass

Keep your deeply rooted buffalo lawn hydrated, especially during hot Aussie summers. A deep soak once or twice a week should do the trick, or more during heatwaves. The leaves will start to shrivel when it is thirsty.

Fertilising Your Lawn

Give your lawn a boost with slow-release granular fertiliser from Atlas Turf Supplies three times a year: spring, summer, and autumn.

Mowing Tips

Set your mower blade height between 35-60mm to prevent weeds and retain moisture in the soil.

Weed Control

For small infestations, pull weeds out manually. For larger ones, use selective herbicides safe for buffalo grass.

Pest Management

If pests become an issue, opt for eco-friendly solutions that won’t harm beneficial insects or wildlife.

FAQs in Relation to Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

Which buffalo grass is the softest?

The Sapphire Buffalo Grass is considered the softest variety of buffalo grass available.

What is the best soft leaf buffalo for shade?

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn, with its high shade tolerance, is ideal for shaded areas.

What is a Soft Leaf Buffalo?

A Soft Leaf Buffalo refers to a type of turfgrass known for its broad, lush leaves and excellent wear resistance. It’s popular in Australia due to its low maintenance requirements.

How much does Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass cost?

The price varies depending on quantity and supplier, but you can check out current prices at Atlas Turf Supplies Pricing Page.

Our Final Thoughts

It can handle foot traffic really well and demands less TLC than your regular kikuyu’s and couch lawns. There are different varieties to choose from, like Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass and Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass.

Only buy from a trusted turf supplier, like Atlas Turf and that way you know you’re getting a premium product that will stand the test of time.

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The Australian Buffalo Grass Guide

The Australian Buffalo Grass Guide

Buffalo grass has built up a solid reputation as a really tough turf for Australian backyards.

It’s a hardy, warm-season grass that thrives in Australia’s hot climate. It can withstand periods of drought while maintaining its lush green colour and is one of the easiest turf types to look after in Australia.

What is Buffalo Grass?

Buffalo Grass is a type of warm season grass that is found in Australia. It has wide, flat leaves and can be green or blue-green. This grass grows quickly with runners above and below the ground.

Buffalo Grass is good for places with lots of people because it spreads fast and grows thick. It also needs less care than some other kinds of grass and can grow in different types of soil.

How to Identify Buffalo Grass

To identify Buffalo Grass, examine the grass for its colour, leaf shape, and texture. It is usually blue-green or dark green in colour, and its leaf blades are broader and flatter than most other grasses.

Check if it has a V-shaped fold on the leaves. Also, observe the growth pattern to determine if it is spreading through stolons or rhizomes. Finally, measure the height of the grass to identify if it is Buffalo Grass.

What does Buffalo Grass look like?

What does buffalo grass look like

Buffalo Grass is an attractive and eye-catching grass, boasting a lush dark green or blue-green hue.

It spreads both above the ground via runners (stolons) and below the ground through rhizomes. Expert tip: when folded in half, one may identify a V-shaped crease down its middle!

Buffalo Turf Grass Varieties

There are a number of Buffalo varieties each with some really special characteristics that make them a standout choice for your lawn.

Here at Atlas Turf we have 4 buffalo grass varieties:

Each of these varieties shares many wonderful characteristics but they also display some differences too. See our comparison table below:

Buffalo Features Sir Walter Sapphire Palmetto Matlilda
Leaf texture Coarse Fine Long broad Soft, medium fine
Traffic hardiness High Medium-high Medium-high Excellent
Full Sun Excellent Excellent Best Excellent
Shade tolerance Medium Best Medium Excellent
Mowing requirements Medium Low Low Medium to high

Where to Buy

Our high quality Buffalo Turf is available for buy online, we have a wide range of buffalo turf varieties available for delivery across the Sydney and surrounding regions, including Sir Walter Buffalo Turf.

See below for range of our premium buffalo turf products.

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter is Australia’s most popular buffalo turf, featuring a thick and dense texture with great wear tolerance due to it’s thick growth habit. It is soft to the touch and does not require mowing as often as some other turf types.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is a no-fuss lawn that can be enjoyed all year round, with minimal maintenance and water requirements.

Buffalo Lawn Growth

A Sir Walter buffalo grass grows quickly and thickly, with runners stretching up to one and a half metres in length. It is best suited to lawns that receive full sunlight. It has a deep root system which helps to retain moisture in the soil, reducing water usage.

Lawn Colour

The colour of Sir Walter is a lush deep green, which will remain all year round with regular watering and fertilising. it has good winter colour retention, with minimal fading in the coldest months.

Lawn Leaf

Sir Walter is a soft leaf buffalo lawn, with a fine-textured broad leaf blade that is soft to touch and easy to mow. The leaves have a waxy coating which prevents moisture loss and helps to protect the plant from disease.


The Sir Walter grass forms a dense root system which will protect against weed invasion to some extent. It is one of the best weed resistant turf varieties available on the market and is also very drought-tolerant.

Drought Tolerant

Most warm season grasses like Sir Walter Buffalo have a high drought tolerance as they are designed to cope with dry periods.

Sir Walter has a deep root system which helps to retain moisture in the soil, reducing water usage. This makes it an ideal choice for lawns in areas that are subject to water restrictions.

How to grow buffalo grass

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn Care

Sir Walter buffalo grass is renowned for its low maintenance requirements but regular watering, mowing, and applications of fertiliser will ensure your lawn stays looking its best regardless of what the weather, pests and weeds can throw at it.

To provide the best care for your Sir Walter lawn, follow these simple tips:

  • Water deeply at least once a week during active growth periods.
  • Mow your lawn regularly, no more than once a week in summer and at least every two weeks in winter.
  • Fertilise your lawn during active growth periods using a slow-release fertiliser.
  • Remove any weeds quickly before they can take over.
  • Aerate and top-dress your lawn every year.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy a healthy lawn, lush green Sir Walter lawn all year round.

Buffalo leaf

The History of Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo turf is an Australian-bred turf variety first developed in the 1980s.

Sir Walter is a buffalo grass and has undergone Lawn Solutions Australia testing to ensure its premium quality and is now the most popular turf variety in Australia.

It has sold over 100 million metres across the country which is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to its quality.

The hardy nature of the grass has made it perfect for residential and commercial properties in the tough Australian climate conditions, thriving in hot and dry weather, as well as cooler temperatures.

Mowing Buffalo grass

How to Mow Buffalo Grass

All Buffalo grasses do well in full sun but regular mowing will help keep your lawn looking its best.

Thatch, the layer of dead material at the base of grass blades — can become an issue if you don’t mow regularly.

A little thatch can help keep your lawn healthy during hot periods but you don’t want it to build up too much or it may cause the grass to overheat and even die.

Sir Walter and Palmetto are both low-thatch grasses but Palmetto produces the least thatch of all the Buffalo range. Avoid cutting your lawn too deeply.

Although a buffalo lawn will quickly recover when damaged, if you consistently cut your lawn too low it will eventually kill the grass.

The ideal height for a buffalo lawn is between 25 and 40mm. But keep the grass a little longer during the winter—around 60 to 70mm is best.

Buffalo Lawn Weed Control

Buffalo Lawn Weed Control

Buffalo grasses form dense root systems which will protect against weed invasion to some extent, so it’s important to repair dead or bare patches quickly to prevent weeds taking hold.

Some herbicides are species-specific and it pays to check the instructions on the label carefully for the best times of the year to apply.

For weeds such as clover or couch, spot spraying with a selective herbicide is very effective.

September is a good time to use a selective broad spectrum spray that will kill weeds but will not affect Buffalo grass.

  • Amgrow Lawn Weeder is a good choice.
  • Amgrow Winter Grass Killer is very effective for the Couch weeds.
  • Sedgehammer is likewise effective for killing weeds in Couch and Nutgrass and is best applied in spring or summer.

It’s a good idea to use pre-emergent sprays during autumn and spring to hit weeds on the head before they start to get a toehold, and be very careful if you choose to use glyphosate (Roundup). Consider applying it with a brush as spray drift will kill Buffalo.

It’s good practice to fertilise the ground before you lay new turf. Repeat two weeks after laying the lawn and then every couple of months for the first year, and once your lawn is established apply fertiliser in early spring, early summer and mid autumn.

Fertilisers help keep your grass green and healthy, they provide the nutrition your grass needs to recover from damage and will help it to resist pests and disease.

Slow release fertilisers are your best choice such as Grech’s Top Turf fertiliser or Seasol fertiliser.

What does buffalo grass look like

Buffalo Lawn Repair

If your Buffalo turf receives minor damage it will most likely repair itself. In more serious cases you may need to take some action. Brown Patch can be a problem for Buffalo grasses (like all warm season grass types) in more humid parts of the country.

Prevention is the best cure but if Brown Patch appears on your lawn try reducing watering. Only water in the morning. Never water at night—the fungus is spread through water.

Remove all lawn clippings and any other leaf matter that may increase humidity and reduce airflow. You may want to prune any shrubs or trees that shade the lawn to increase airflow as well. In particularly severe outbreaks you may need to use a fungicide but as with all poisons be careful.

It may take some months for the lawn to recover especially after a serious infestation. You may need to resow any dead patches in your lawn to prevent weeds taking hold. This is true whether it’s a fungus, lack of water or neglect that has caused the problem.

Bugs such as African Black beetles and Armyworms may damage your turf. If the infestation is serious you may want to treat with a pesticide.

Buffalo Grass

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is a Buffalo grass, and it’s a great choice for Australian homeowners.

Buffalo grass spreads by stolons (aboveground stems) which root where they touch the ground. This means that buffalo grass can spread quickly and easily, making it an ideal choice for lawns.

This allows it to fill in gaps in your lawn and create a dense, uniform growth pattern.

However, if you don’t want your Buffalo Grass to spread too much, you can control its growth through regular mowing and edging, as well as by applying herbicides to prevent the growth of new runners.

Growing buffalo grass is a great low-maintenance lawn and thrives in areas with 6-8 hours of sunlight each day, especially in the morning.

It prefers well-drained soils and does not tolerate sandy soils. The best time to plant buffalo grass is in late spring or early summer.

Here’s a simple outline you can follow for growing buffalo grass:

  • Clear the area of weeds, rocks and debris.
  • Select a buffalo grass variety suitable for your climate and soil type.
  • Sow or lay turf evenly onto prepared soil.
  • Water thoroughly and keep moist until grass is established.
  • Apply slow-release fertilizer once grass is established.
  • Mow regularly at 5-8cm height, removing no more than one third of blade at once.
  • Regularly maintain grass with watering, fertilizing, and weed control.
  • Enjoy your healthy buffalo grass lawn!

With the right care, your Buffalo Grass will be a lush and beautiful addition to your lawn. Enjoy!

Buffalo Grass is more shade tolerant than many other types of grass commonly grown in Australia, but it still requires some sunlight to grow properly.

In general, Buffalo Grass requires at least 3-4 hours of direct sunlight per day to thrive. If you’re considering planting Buffalo Grass in a shady area, make sure it receives some sunlight during the day and is not completely shaded.

Buffalo Grass is a relatively slow-growing grass compared to other common types of grass in Australia. Under optimal growing conditions, Buffalo Grass typically grows at a rate of about 10-20mm per week during the warmer months of the year.

However, growth rates may vary depending on factors such as temperature, soil quality, and water availability. With proper care and maintenance, Buffalo Grass can form a dense, attractive lawn over time.

It’s important to note that while Buffalo Grass may not grow as quickly as some other types of grass, it is generally more resilient and requires less maintenance, making it a popular choice for homeowners in Australia.

During the growing season, which typically runs from spring through to autumn in most parts of Australia, your Buffalo Grass may need to be watered once or twice a week. However, the exact frequency will depend on your local weather conditions and rainfall.

In cooler months, when growth is slower, you may be able to reduce the frequency of watering to once every two weeks or so.

The process is relatively straightforward. The most important thing to remember is that each roll of turf should be placed tightly next to the next roll without leaving any gaps.

To ensure optimal results, it’s best to lay your turf in a brickwork pattern with the length of the rolls parallel to each other.

Here’s a simple guide you can follow for laying your buffalo grass:

  • Lay the turf: Put the turf on the ground, one piece at a time, like a puzzle. Make sure each piece fits snuggly against the other pieces with no gaps or extra pieces.
  • Cut the edges: Use a sharp knife to fit it around the curves and corners of your area.
  • Water the grass: Water both the soil and grass right away after you put down all of your turf pieces.
  • Fertilize: After some time when your new grass is strong, use special fertilizer meant for Buffalo Grass to make it even healthier!

Read our full How to Lay Turf guide here

If your buffalo grass is turning yellow, it could be due to a number of factors. The most common causes are lack of nutrients, overwatering, soil compaction, and dog urine.

To fix the problem, you should first identify what is causing the yellowing. If it’s due to lack of nutrients, you can apply a slow-release fertilizer such as Scotts Lawn Builder.

If it’s due to overwatering or soil compaction, you should reduce watering and aerate the soil. If it’s due to dog urine, you can try using a pet-safe lawn treatment product.

Buffalo Grass is characterized by a wider leaf blade and a darker green hue, whereas Kikuyu Grass features an often coarser, wiry texture with narrower blades.

Yes, buffalo grass does have runners. Buffalo grass spreads primarily via runners (also called stolons).

These are above-ground stems that can root at the nodes, allowing the grass to spread and form a thicker lawn. It is also possible to repair bare patches in a lawn by using buffalo grass runners.

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How to Create a Lush Green Lawn with Instant Turf

What is Instant Turf?

Instant turf, also known as instant lawn or sod, is a popular option for homeowners and landscapers looking to quickly establish a healthy and attractive lawn.

Rather than waiting for seeds to germinate and grow over a period of several months, instant turf allows you to have a fully grown lawn within a matter of days or weeks.

It’s perfect for those who want an instant transformation without the hassle, instant turf offers a fast and easy way to give your outdoor space a fresh look with minimal effort.

From choosing the right type of grass for your landscape and preparing the base, to properly installing and maintaining your new lawn, this blog post covers everything you need to know about using instant turf for your Australian yard.

The Benefits of Using Instant Turf for Your Lawn

Instant turf can be a great choice for lawns, offering a number of advantages over traditional turf. Installing turf is an easy process that requires minimal preparation and labor.

Instant lawn turf is also a convenient choice for those with busy schedules or limited gardening experience, as it requires minimal maintenance and upkeep compared to a traditional lawn.

Because the grass is already mature, it is less prone to weeds, pests, and diseases, and it can withstand heavy foot traffic and weather conditions better than a newly seeded lawn.

In addition to the practical advantages, instant turf can also provide aesthetic benefits to your property.

A well-maintained lawn turf can increase the curb appeal and value of your home, and it can also serve as a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

Furthermore, because instant turf has already been grown in optimal conditions by professional installers, you can be sure to get a top quality lawn that looks lush and healthy from day one.

Selecting the right instant turf for your climate and soil conditions

How to Properly Install and Maintain Your Instant Turf Lawn

When installing instant turf for Australian yards, it is key to follow the proper procedures to ensure your new instant lawn looks great and lasts.

Firstly, make sure you have chosen the right type of turf for your particular needs. Your landscape and other factors like climate, soil quality and sun exposure should all be taken into account when making this selection.

Cool-season grasses such as rye and fescue are well-suited for cooler regions, while warm-season grasses like buffalo and couch are more tolerant of hot and dry conditions.

Then, ensure that you have a suitable base prepared – remove any weeds, rocks, and debris from the area, and level the ground as much as possible. If necessary, add topsoil or compost to improve the soil structure.

Any areas with poor drainage should also be addressed at this stage by creating channels or pathways to guide water run-off away from the area.

Finally, once your base is ready it’s time to lay down your instant turf!

Install the turf as soon as possible after delivery. If you are unable to lay the turf immediately, store it in a cool and shaded area, and keep it moist by misting it with water.

Lay the turf in a brick pattern, starting at a straight edge and working your way outwards. Make sure to butt the edges of the turf tightly together, and use a sod cutter or knife to trim any excess.

To maintain your newly installed turf lawn, regular watering is essential – depending on where you live and the time of year this could range from twice a week up to multiple times daily.

During drier months it may require some form of irrigation set-up to guarantee adequate levels of hydration are achieved.

Additionally, mowing regularly will help keep grass looking neat and healthy and prevent it from becoming overgrown.

Fertilizing can also work wonders for maintaining green coloration and preventing weed invasion. Keep an eye out for signs of pests or disease too!

With these simple steps you can rest assured that your new lawn turf will stay looking great for many years to come!

Instant Turf installation services by Atlas Turf

The Different Types of Instant Turf Available in Australia

There are several different types of instant turf available in Australia, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Some of the most common types of turf include:

Buffalo turf: This is a warm-season grass that is native to Australia and is well-suited to hot and dry conditions. It has a deep green color and is resistant to drought, pests, and diseases.

The Sir Walter DNA variety is a particularly popular choice due to its improved performance, low maintenance requirements, and attractive appearance.

Couch grass: Another popular warm-season grass, couch grass is known for its fine leaf blade, dense foliage and deep root system. It is resistant to wear and tear and can thrive in a variety of soil types.

Bermuda: This is a warm-season grass that is known for its drought tolerant properties and it’s ability to withstand heat. It has a medium to fine texture and a bright green color.

Bermuda is popular in both residential and commercial landscaping projects, but it may require more frequent mowing and fertilization compared to some other grass types.

Rye grass: This is a cool-season grass that is well-suited to cooler regions of Australia. It has a bright green color and is known for its fast-growing and resilient nature.

Fescue: This is another type of cool-season grass that is popular in Australia. It has a fine-textured leaf and is known for its drought tolerance and disease resistance.

Kikuyu: This is a warm-season grass and is well-suited to hot and humid conditions. It has a fast-growing and aggressive nature, which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas. However, it can be more prone to pests and diseases than some other grass types.

When choosing the right type of instant turf for your lawn, it is important to consider your climate, soil conditions, and the intended use of the turf.

By selecting a grass species that is well-suited to your location, you can ensure that your turf stays healthy and attractive for years to come.

Instant turf can be used to surround pools

How to Choose the Right Instant Turf for Your Climate and Soil Conditions

When selecting the right instant turf for your climate and soil conditions, it is important to consider things like the weather, regional temperature ranges and the type of soil you have.

Although all these turf varieties are designed to thrive in Australian conditions, some tolerate full sun better than others – Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu turf usually fare best in hotter climates while Fescue prefers cooler temperatures.

When it comes to soil conditions, you should look for grass which suits your area’s drainage rate. Generally speaking, sandy or clay-heavy soils tend to have slower drainage rates so a turf variety which can cope with these conditions is recommended – such as Buffalo or Kikuyu turf.

If you have higher levels of water logging or salinity problems then there are specialised grass types available to handle those issues too!

Intended use: Think about how you will use your lawn and choose a grass type that can withstand the wear and tear. For example, a grass with a deep root system may be better for high-traffic areas, while a fine-textured grass may be more suitable for a formal garden setting.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose the right instant turf for your climate and soil conditions, resulting in a healthy and attractive lawn for years to come.

Commercial Instant turf supplies and installation

Using Instant Turf in Commercial Landscaping Projects

Instant turf is not just for residential yards – it is also an increasingly popular choice for commercial landscaping projects.

Commercial landscaping projects often require a great amount of care and consideration – it must look professional and also be hard-wearing enough to withstand the constant foot traffic in public spaces. This is why instant turf is often the preferred choice for these types of projects.

The range of species available for commercial instant turf are typically the toughest varieties, including couch, Kikuyu turf, Fescue and Buffalo turf.

The durability of these choices mean that they can handle heavy tread without losing their healthy green colour or becoming patchy over time. It also gives added protection against weeds which could otherwise take over your landscape quickly.

What’s more, when you choose instant turf you also benefit from an immediate transformation – no waiting around for seeds to germinate or young grass to grow tall!

As long as the area is prepped correctly and installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, you will have a fully mature lawn ready in no time at all!

Examples of using instant turf in commercial landscaping projects include:

Office buildings: Instant turf can be used to create a welcoming and attractive outdoor space for employees and visitors. It can be installed around the building, in courtyards and patios, or in rooftop gardens.

Retail centres: Turf can be used to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in shopping centers and malls. It can be installed in outdoor seating areas, around fountains and water features, or in play areas for children.

Hotels and resorts: Instant turf can be used to create lush and attractive outdoor spaces in hotels and resorts. It can be used to surround pools and spas, in landscaped gardens and walkways, or in outdoor dining areas.

Golf courses: Turf is an essential element of any golf course, and instant turf can be used to quickly establish a mature and attractive playing surface.

Sports fields: Instant turf can also be used in the construction of sports fields, such as soccer, football, and baseball fields. It can withstand the heavy wear and tear of regular play and provide a safe and attractive surface for athletes.

Ensure that you have a suitable base prepared

Where to Buy Instant Turf

When it comes to buying instant turf, Atlas Turf Supplies are the perfect choice.

Not only do they offer a wide range of grass types suitable for all climates and soil conditions, but they also provide their customers with quality assurance through certified instant turf which is approved by local councils and water authorities.

What’s more, Atlas Turf Supplies not only offer an extensive range of instant turf, they also provide turf installation services so you can have your new lawn ready in no time.

As a highly reputable turf farm company based in Sydney, the team at Atlas Turf are passionate about providing their customers with beautiful and lasting landscapes – whether it be a home or commercial space.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry and industry-leading quality assurance guarantees, you can rest assured that your project will be completed to the highest standards.