How to Lay Turf

Try to lay the turf within 24hrs of delivery. If turf cannot be laid immediately after delivery ensure that turf rolls are kept moist..

Lawn Care Calendar

Australia’s climate can be quite tough on turf but if you show your lawn a little kindness you’ll be rewarded.

New Turf Installation Cost

If you’re considering installing turf in your yard, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. The good news is that the cost to install natural turf is relatively affordable, and there are a variety of grass varieties to choose from.

Can You Really Mow Wet Grass?

Can you mow wet grass? As a rule, it is best to avoid mowing your grass when it’s wet. However, sometimes you have no choice, so here’s some helpful tips.

New Turf Fertiliser

The right fertiliser helps to maintain a healthy lawn from day one and make it more resistant to damage during stressful times such as drought, reduced winter daylight hours, insect attack and weed growth.

Lawn Care Advice

Want to know when’s the best time to water, fertilse or mow your new lawn, maybe you want to know how much turf you need.

When to Fertilise

Apply fertiliser early spring, early summer, and mid-autumn. The autumn fertilising is essential for the lawn to stay green & healthy.

Lawn Weeds

The best way to keep your lawn weed free and under control is to reduce the ability of weeds to take hold from the very beginning.

Lawn Diseases

There are a number of lawn grub species commonly found in Australian lawns, with easy treatment methods listed below.