Turf Laying and Lawn Care

Sir Walter Buffalo vs Sapphire Buffalo

How do you choose between the shade-tolerant buffalo grass brands?There’s plenty of conflicting information around, and it can be hard to know what’s important and accurate.

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Delivery to your door

Atlas Turf offer a huge delivery area to our customers throughout Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle and Illawarra NSW.

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How much turf do I need?

Calculating the amount of turf you need is easier than you may think. Our step-by-step guide will show you how.


Turf Laying and Lawn Care

Lawn Care is a process with activities you should do year round or seasonally. A little maintenance each weekend will reward you with a lush green environment to enjoy.

Click on the links below for more information about everything from turf laying to caring for your lawn.

Designing your lawn

A well-planned garden is easier to care for. Ensure you plan to leave good access with the mower. Avoid putting grass in areas that are in complete shade. Find out more about designing your garden.

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Clearing and soil preparation

A good quality soil is desired to achieve the best lawn. It is the most easily overlooked part of laying turf. The soil is what your lawn needs to thrive. Be sure to get the chemical PH balance right by testing before laying. Mix your soil with sand if you have naturally clay-heavy soil. Or mix with clay if the soil is sandy where you live. Find out more about clearing and soil preparation.

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How to lay your turf

Laying the turf rolls should be done as soon as they are delivered if possible. Some good products are available to hydrate your new lawn, which you spread around before the turf rolls (sod) go down. Lay your rolls in a “brick work” pattern. Follow our easy guide to laying your turf.

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Watering guide

Watering is essential for establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn. A lack of water when the turf is new can ruin your investment quickly.

In the hotter months, this might mean watering many times a day to get things started. Once the lawn is established, you should water more deeply, but less frequently.

See “How Often Should I Water My Turf” the ultimate new turf watering guide.

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Mowing is the most regular maintenance job required to keep your lawn looking great. Only take 1/3rd of the grass blades off in one mow. Mowing too low will create ugly ‘burnt’ areas of brown grass. It can also cause fungus problems. Follow our guide for mowing your lawn.

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When to fertilise your lawn

Fertilisation each season will keep your lawn looking lush and green. Use a fertiliser spreader to help get an even coverage of granules. Read our handy tips on fertilising your lawn.

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Pests and diseases

Are you having lawn problems? Pests and diseases are more common than you think. Grubs can chew through the roots leaving areas thin and brown. Some fungal diseases can take hold in particular climates. Find out more about lawn pests and diseases.

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Lawn weeds

Weeds will grow in your lawn at some point. The trick is to get on top of them before they start to spread their seeds. There are different techniques for dealing with each type of weed. Read our guide to the identification of common garden and lawn weeds and how to eradicate them.

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As turf growers, we get asked a lot of questions about grass varieties, laying turf and lawn care. We’ve captured them here for others to learn from. Read our frequently asked questions.



Neale Tweedie

Neale Tweedie, an experienced operations manager, turf farmer and irrigation services and design specialist with an extensive history in the turf supplies, farming and irrigation industry.

Neale Tweedie is a current board member of Turf NSW, Turf Australia (Treasurer) and has formal education in Horticulture focused in Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Breeding.

Neale Tweedie is also the owner and General Manager of Atlas Turf.

Extremely satisfied…

“We have used and recommended Atlas Turf for the last few years and have been extremely satisfied. Kerrie and Neale grow exceptionally good quality grass of various varieties, that meet both our high standards as well as meeting our customers needs. Availability and delivery has never been an issue and their staff have always been very helpful. If you’re looking at new grass or looking to change suppliers, we would have no hesitation in recommending Atlas Turf.”

– Shelley Conasch, Feature Trees Australia

I would definitely recommend…

“…The turf was delivered and the delivery gentleman from Atlas even informed us, by eye that we had ordered too little turf, and recommended an amount we needed, and was spot on. The process from ordering, to delivering, to laying was all made easier by Atlas and all of their staff, and I would definitely recommend them to any friends or family.”

– Brendan, Sydney

Prompt and lovely to deal with…

“We used Atlas Turf to turf our whole yard, front and back. The staff on the phone were prompt, lovely to deal with and were very knowledgeable not only of their own product but also helped answer many questions about the preparation, maintenance and also a few tips to help lay the turf.”

– Brendan, Sydney

I am extremely happy…

“Just a quick note to let you know that I am extremely happy with my new Sir Walter Lawn. Thank you to the Great Service and Advice I received from all the staff at Atlas Turf.”

– David, Windsor

You were fantastic…

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how happy we are with our Lawn, right from the start you were fantastic recommending the best lawn for me since I have always lived in a unit it was all a bit confusing. I have a bit of a smile on my face when I walk out on the weekends and my neighbours are all having to mow every weekend but you were right the lawn you selected for me even in summer only needs a quick cut every 3 to 4 weeks to look awesome! Thanks again.”

– Kent, Quakers Hill