Lawn Care Tips & Seasonal Calendar


Congratulations, you now have a beautiful  lawn that will give you years of low maintenance pleasure. But your organic lawn is a living thing and it does need some care and attention from time to time.

Australia’s climate can be quite tough on turf but if you show your lawn a little kindness throughout the year you’ll be rewarded with strong healthy grass even in the harshest seasons. Atlas Turf stock a range of quality zoysia, kikuyu, couch and buffalo grasses varieties that are designed to tough it out against drought, shade, weeds and pests.

But remember that when turf is stressed by drought, excessive moisture or shade then it can be more susceptible to weed and pest invasion. That’s when you and the great range of lawn care products from Atlas Turf can make all the difference.

Naturally, this time of year calendar can only be a general guide and you need to keep track of local seasonal changes and monitor your lawn’s condition for any tell-tale signs that let you know your grass needs some extra love.

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Lawn Care Tips for Spring

Lawn Care Tips for Spring Season

Spring is the growing season and ushers in a period of rapid growth and so your lawn will really benefit from some extra food. Spring is also a great time to lay new lawns.


  • If the grass is growing slowly the soil may have become compacted and need aerating—it’s really easy to do this with our lawn aerator sandals.
  • You might also add some gypsum and lime but if you’re concerned about the pH of the soil check first with the Manutech Soil pH test kit.
  • Fertilize—when the grass gets growing you really need to give it some nutritional support. Atlas has a range of excellent fertilisers from liquid seaweed to nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous based lawn pick-me-ups.
  • Spray for weeds—Amgrow Bin-Die is a good broad spectrum selective weed spray that is tough on weeds but will leave your grass untouched.
  • If there are any bare patches now is a good time to re-sow and repair damaged areas. Some Lawn Lovers Lawn Rescue might come in handy too.


  • Prevent summer weeds from taking over by spraying with a pre-emergent herbicide/fertiliser. OxaFert will prevent specific weeds from germinating and give your lawn a nutrient boost at the same time.


  • Keep an eye out for flying moths and, if you see them, spay with Lawn Solutions Grub Guard or apply Amgrow Patrol granules.
  • Prevention is better than cure and hitting pests when they’re laying eggs and as the new grubs are appearing is definitely the way to go.
  • In hot and humid conditions you may need to spray for Black Beetle too.

Lawn Care Tips for Summer

Lawn Care Tips for Summer Season

Remember when mowing your lawns not to cut too deeply, as this can encourage weed growth. Leaving the grass a little longer will also prevent the soil from drying out so quickly. A good general guide would be to cut no more than about 30% off the length of the grass blades. 


  • Water your lawns if they’re not getting enough rain. A good long drink once a week is better for your lawns than frequent shallow watering.
  • Because your lawn is growing really rapidly you may need to fertilize with Sir Walter Fertiliser.
  • Get ready for the summer dry spells and check that the soil is holding enough moisture. You might need to add a wetting agent such as Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker.


  • Continue to monitor your lawn for signs of grass grub such as flying moths or thin and bare patches.
  • Water regularly and deeply unless you’re getting good rainfall.
  • You may need to spray for Black Beetle if your area is experiencing particularly hot and humid weather.


  • Keep up the watering and if your soil doesn’t look like it’s holding the moisture you may need to apply some Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker—it’s really easy to use.

Lawn Care Tips for Autumn

Lawn Care Tips for Autumn Season

Autumn is an important time in the year for your lawn as it begins to slow down its growth and prepare for the winter.


Fertilize the turf to help restore grass health especially if the grass took a hammering over the summer during passionate family cricket matches


  • Apply OxaFert pre-emergent to kill winter weeds such as Winter Grass and Creeping Oxalis before they take hold.
  • OxaFert will also add some much needed nutrients for building up grass health before the winter.
  • Don’t leave fertiliser application too late in the season otherwise once the grass stops growing it won’t take up all that goodness.


  • Keep an eye open for weeds and spot spray any weeds that appear.
  • If the soil has become heavily compacted (common in clay soils) take a walk around the lawn with some Aerator Sandals.
  • When mowing the lawns leave the blades longer (between 60 –70mm) so that there is more leaf available for photosynthesis during the shorter days.

Lawn Care Tips for Winter

Lawn Care Tips for Winter Season

If you have looked after your lawn through the autumn then the grass should be good and healthy and need little attention through the winter.


  • Keep a look out for weeds and spot spray if necessary.
  • Keep the lawn free of fallen leaves. This is especially important in shaded areas because a healthy grass needs regular doses of winter sun.
  • Fertilize patches that are looking a little thin.


Remove fallen leaves to prevent grass die-back. Keeping the lawn free of leaves and fallen branches will also maintain air flow and reduce disease risks.


Spray for Bindi before seeds form. Amgrow Bin-Die, or Amgrow Buffalo Lawn Weeder are great products designed for this purpose. Keeping your lawn looking lush and healthy will be straightforward with this month by month calendar and the great rage of lawn care products from Atlas Turf.