Turf Prices in Sydney

An immaculate, healthy green lawn brings many benefits for homes, educational institutions, sports grounds and parks.But many people make the mistake of thinking that the price of instant natural turf will be too high.

The reality; pristine looking turf has never been more affordable. A lawn can increase the resale value of the average Sydney house by as much as $83,600 according to a real estate agent survey.

When you buy superior quality Atlas Turf you are making a solid investment with a very healthy rate of return. Atlas Turf supplies a wide range of turf pricing options and we have a turf variety that is perfect for your needs.

Current Turf Prices – Updated February 24

Turf Type Price (per sm) Buy Online
Sir Walter Buffalo $13.80 Click to Buy
Palmetto Buffalo $14.95 Click to Buy
Sapphire Buffalo $14.95 Click to Buy
Matilda Buffalo $14.95 Click to Buy
Empire Zoysia $14.95 Click to Buy
CT2 Couch $9.65 Click to Buy
Kikuyu Kikuyu $8.60 Click to Buy

Atlas Turf is one of the Sydney region’s most experienced accredited turf suppliers and we deliver throughout the Sydney, Newcastle, Illawara, Blue Mountains, Western Sydney, and Central Coast of NSW.

How Much Does Turf Cost?

Before you start comparing turf prices you really need to have a good idea of what you want from your turf. Turf is usually priced per square metre and will vary depending on the type of turf you choose.

Choosing the right turf variety for your situation will save you money and give you a result that surpasses your expectations.

You need to ask yourself, do I want a:

  • Minimal maintenance lawn?
  • Lawn that survives drought?
  • Lawn that is shade tolerant?
  • Hard wearing piece of turf that can take lots of punishment?
  • Low allergen turf that is friendly to allergy sufferers?

A certain amount of ground preparation may be needed, including spraying, rotary hoeing, and levelling, to get the best results. You can do this yourself or allow our expert installers to do the job for you.

Sir Walter

Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn turf combines superior quality and durability. It is the turf of choice for most Australian conditions and features outstanding drought and shade tolerance, and weed, disease, and wear and tear resistance.


Palmetto is a soft leaf Buffalo turf variety that is fast growing and retains its good looks in spite of drought or shade. It is a medium maintenance turf that will recover quickly from damage.


Matilda and Sapphire are soft, refined leaved variants of Buffalo turf. The soft lush growth makes them ideal in shaded areas and yet they still display excellent durability.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is tough, minimal maintenance turf that is very soft to touch. It is one of the most drought tolerant turf grasses known. It is excellent in full sun and thrives in hot, humid areas while having good shade tolerance.


Kikuyu is super tough with broad coarse leaves. Kikuyu recovers well from damage and demonstrates excellent drought resistance. It doesn’t do so well in damp or shady areas.

CT2 Couch

CT2 Couch is a tough drought resistant grass and is relatively low maintenance. It does tend to discolour in cold conditions (below 5 degrees Celsius) .

How many metres do you load onto each pallet, is it the same for each pallet?

The maximuim square metres for a single pallet is 60 sqm. As no two orders are the same, we’ll load the pallets depending on the quantity of each order.

For example, if you order 25 sqm we have one pallet for 25 sqm. But, if you order 120 sqm that would be 2 pallets of 60 sqm each. For an order of 150 sqm we would load each pallet with 50 sqm, so you would have 3 pallets of 50 sqm each.


Would pavers, bricks, concrete or artificial grass be cheaper?

Wouldn’t Pavers or Artificial Grass Be Easier and Cheaper?

Some people don’t do their homework and automatically assume that pavers or artificial grass will be cheaper and easier to look after than natural premium quality turf.

When the price of turf is compared to the artificial alternatives the choice to go natural is a no-brainer…

… especially when you factor in the return on your investment and other benefits of natural turf.

Pricing for alternative ground covers:

Synthetic or Artificial Grass:

There are some serious concerns about the safety of artificial grass here in Australia and in the U.K. and U.S. Recycled tires are frequently used to make up the matting and there appears to be strong evidence for a high degree of carcinogenic and other toxic chemicals in these materials.

The heat build-up in artificial grass is significantly higher than in natural turf.


Pavers can look good but the glare can be intolerable on bright days. Pavers will increase the ambient temperature considerably.


Water runoff issues mean that you may need to add in some serious drainage costs as well. Glare and increased heat around the house and environmental concerns about the makeup of cement are other issues to consider.


Expect to pay extra for drainage. Heat build-up with bitumen surfaces can be intense in summer.


Price varies widely. You may pick up a lot of 2nd hand bricks cheaply but you will have to clean the old mortar off and it can also be difficult finding enough matching bricks.

Bricks can look good in small areas but you will forever be dealing with moss and weed growth.


The prices above are an estimate only and may not include all the preparation and installation costs. Natural turf is a living organism that removes carbon dioxide, produces oxygen, and helps keep the soil temperature down (by as much as 20% compared with bare ground).

Natural turf also filters rain water and allows the breakdown and absorption of dog faeces and other organic products.

Nothing beats the refreshing beauty of natural Atlas turf.

Atlas Turf is a family owned business with more than 30 years of experience in supplying high quality turf for residential and commercial landscaping projects throughout the Sydney region.

Our superior delivery service means we leave nothing behind, all our fork lifts are fitted with push-off attachments that work in conjunction with our smooth-top pallets. The hydraulic push-off system is employed to push the turf from the pallet to the ground, and there’s no damage to the turf.

The turf is transferred from the pallet to the ground as if it was standing on the pallet, and your not left with a load of unwanted pallets. We offer prompt delivery 6 days a week to throughout Sydney central and from Chatswood to the Northern Beaches and on the Central Coast.

We also supply turf to the Eastern, Southern, and Western Suburbs, utherland Shire, Blacktown, Penrith, and Windsor. You’ll also find Atlas Turf in the Blue Mountains and as far south as Illawarra.

With Atlas Turf, the perfect lawn will cost much less than you think.

Last updated February 2024

Turf Prices Per Square Metre & Pallet – Compare Cost for Buffalo, Synthetic & Pavers