Empire Zoysia Turf

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Empire Zoysia is a hardy, soft to touch, low maintenance grass that thrives in hot, humid areas.

  • Very high drought tolerance
  • Very low maintenance
  • Requires less mowing, fertiliser and water
  • High wear tolerance
  • High salt tolerance
  • Eye-catching dark green colour
  • Fine-medium leaf that is soft to touch and underfoot

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Empire Zoysia is a tough wearing, soft to touch, low maintenance turf grass.

It has an appearance very similar to modern day soft leaf buffalo and is one of the most drought tolerant turf grasses known.

It is excellent in full sun and thrives in hot, humid areas while having good shade tolerance.

Due to its natural insect, disease and chemical resistance, Empire Zoysia is requires little maintenance.

Empire Zoysia will require less mowing (every 7–14 days) than nearly all other turf grasses grown in Australia today, making it a great grass for slopes and ideal for landscaping.

The ideal mowing height for Empire Zoysia lawns is 35-45mm.

Empire Zoysia has a reputation for being one of the most drought-tolerant, water-efficient turf varieties available in Australia.

Zoysia turf is a soft, easy-to-manage lawn that grows Australia-wide and features a fine leaf with strong wear tolerance, making it ideal for homes virtually anywhere from Darwin to Hobart and Sydney to Perth.

Two of its prominent features include; its good, strong green colour throughout autumn and winter and its minimal maintenance year-round in terms of mowing, watering and fertilising.

If you want to learn more about Empire Zoysia’s key features, planting times and maintenance requirements, download the Empire Zoysia Turf Review brochure below.

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