Fescue Grass / Festuca

Festuca is a type of grass that grows in a lot of places. Festuca can be evergreen or it can also grow as a herb. It is related to the type of grass called Ryegrass.

Recent studies have shown that Festuca does not have monophyly which means all the species are different from each other, even though they might look similar.

Fescue grass is a cool-season perennial grass that is used for turf, pasture, hay, and silage. It has good drought tolerance and fair shade tolerance.

Fescue grass grows best in well-drained soils but can tolerate poorly drained soils. The leaves are medium green, the stems are erect, and the seed heads are a purplish colour.


Fescue grass

Fescue Grass / Lolium Pratense