Paspalum / Bahiagrasses

Paspalum is a type of grass that is found in many different places. It is mostly in Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.

Paspalum are also called bahiagrasses or crowngrasses. They are tall perennial New World grasses that are most diverse in subtropical and tropical regions.

Paspalum grass is a versatile, dense-bladed turfgrass that is used for a variety of applications, including home lawns, sports fields, and golf courses.

It has excellent wear tolerance and recovers quickly from damage. Paspalum is also heat and drought tolerant, making it a good choice for areas with hot summers and/or low rainfall.

The grass spreads by both rhizomes (underground stems) and stolons (aboveground stems), so it can fill in gaps quickly. It does well in both acidic and alkaline soils.



Paspalum / Bahiagrasses