Calamagrostis / Reed Grass

Reed grass is a genus of plants with about 260 different species. They live mostly in countries that are at a temperate latitude, but some can also be found in places near the equator.

Reed grasses grow from a base and have narrow leaves. The ligule is usually blunt and the panicle forms a circle around the stem. Some may be reed-like.

Calamagrostis grass is a perennial that grows in clumps. It has narrow, light green leaves and produces feathery seed heads on top of long stalks. The seeds are dispersed by the wind and can establish new colonies quite easily.

This grass is drought tolerant and does well in sandy or clay soils. It’s commonly used for erosion control, as it stabilizes soil very well. Calamagrostis also makes a nice lawn grass, as it stays green throughout the summer and doesn’t get too tall (1-2 feet).



Calamagrostis / Reed Grass